Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question 1: Can we pay at destination?
  2. Question 2: Any extra fees for paying at destination?
  3. Question 3: Can we pay with a major credit card?
  4. Question 4: Is there a fee to pay with a major credit card?
  5. Question 5: I see your provide free storage for 30 days, what's the fee for after the free time has expired?
  6. Question 6: Do you provide pick up service at a private residence?
  7. Question 7: What are the regulations for picking up at a residence?
  8. Question 8: Can you agent assist in customs' clearance and delivery at desitination?

Answer 1:

Yes, you can pay at destination.

Answer 2:

No, there are no additional or hidden fees for paying at destination.

Answer 3:

Yes, we accept all the major credit cards, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, Discover. Acceptance of major credit cards is subject to change. Please call to inquire if we can accept your credit card.

Answer 4:

The fee to pay with a credit card is 3.5%.

Answer 5:

The fee for storage beyond the free period is, $0.25 (cents) per cube per day, no minimums.

Answer 6:

Yes we provide pick up service, but only in the Miami metro area and subject to regulations.

Answer 7:

Pick up at a local residence is subject to the following regualtions

  • The driver will not assist in the loading
  • We will need sizes and weight of the packages
  • We will need to know if the pick up is above a ground floor (2nd floor and up)
  • We will need to know are there elevators
  • We will need to have a packing slip indicating what is inside the package(s)

Answer 8:

Yes we can assist in customs' clearance and delivery at destination.